Apple II Ad mit Jenifer Graham – Frog (1987)

THIS IS A TRUE STORY: Jenifer Graham is the first student to legally take on dissection & students‘ rights.

As an ethical vegetarian, who did not purchase products that were tested on animals,
Jenifer had a genuine love for animals. So, when she objected to dissecting a frog in her
biology class and was threatened with a lower grade if she would not perform the
dissection, Jenifer, along with her mother and the help and support of animal protection
groups, took legal action against her high school. The suit was filed against the school
board for insisting that she dissect a frog rather than being offered a viable non-animal
alternative. She received a ‚C’for not dissecting the frog.

Due to Jenifer’s conscientious objection, a four-year legal battle ensued which brought
the issue of animal dissection and students‘ rights to the forefront of the media. The
attention from Jenifers‘ compassionate action even spurred an award winning CBS
SchoolBreak special entitled „Frog Girl: The Jenifer Graham Story“. Most importantly,
because of the legal steps that Jenifer took, the state of California signed a bill into law in
1998 that mandated that alternative sto dissection be granted to students in elementary
and secondary students who objected to dissection on moral grounds.

In the end, although her court case against her school was settled without trial,she was
awarded a reinstatement of her grade and received an ‚A‘. Her high school was ordered to
pay legal fees. Jenifer Graham’s simple stance against dissection has established a legal
precedent that paved the way for future students to object to dissection.